How to Create a Ban Appeal Form for Discord

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and communities to interact with each other. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature for ban appeals on Discord. If you have been banned from a server on Discord, you will need to contact the moderators or server owner to appeal your ban. However, this can be difficult if you do not have a way to contact them directly. In this article, we will show you how to set up a ban appeal form using online services like Google Forms or Microsoft Forms.

How to Create a Ban Appeal Form for Discord
How to Create a Ban Appeal Form for Discord
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Step 1: Choose a Service to Create an Online Form With

There are many online form services available, such as Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or Discord bots with built-in form generators. These services allow you to create custom forms that you can use to collect information from users. Choose a service that you are familiar with or that suits your needs best.

Step 2: Create a New Form

Once you have chosen a service, create a new form. The process may differ depending on the service you are using. For example, on Google Forms, you can visit and click on the “New Form” button to create a new form.

Step 3: Prompt for Discord User ID and Tag

To properly identify the banned user, ask for their Discord User ID and Tag. This information is unique to every user and can be used to find them even if their username or display name has changed. This ensures that you can properly identify the user who is appealing their ban.

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Step 4: Decide if You Want Email Collection

Email collection is optional but can be useful if you want to send a response back to the original poster. You can let them know the result of their appeal and any necessary next steps.

Step 5: Ask Questions Pertaining to Their Ban

When creating your form, ask questions that pertain to the ban. Common questions for ban appeals include “What rules did you violate?”, “How did your actions violate the rules?”, and “Why do you believe your ban should be lifted?” Other questions may include “Do you believe your punishment was fair?” or “Are you able to rejoin the server?”

Step 6: Publish Your Form

Once you have created your form, publish it and start collecting responses. It is recommended that you set up a webhook to notify moderators every time a new ban appeal is submitted so that they can review it as soon as possible.

Step 7: Blacklist Users That Send Spam Into Your Form

Unfortunately, some users may misuse the form to send hate comments or submit multiple consecutive appeals. To prevent this, you should set up a bot that automatically deletes these types of appeals and blacklists the user from submitting future appeals.

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In conclusion, creating a ban appeal form for Discord can be a useful way to manage ban appeals and streamline the process for both users and moderators. By using online form services and asking pertinent questions, you can properly identify banned users and make informed decisions about their appeals.

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